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Ads On Wheels and has recently formed a unique partnership with Go Transit – Australia’s largest privately owned transit advertising business.

Our partnership with Australia’s only supplier of metro, sub-metro and regional transit, gives us access to assets across 6 capital cities plus more than 400 regional communities in Australia.

Australia Wide

Through our connection with Go Transit Media Group we are able to advertise your business anywhere Australia wide!

Driving since 2017

We deliver transit advertising with accountability and technology which hasn’t previously been undertaken. Our form of transit advertising is designed to be targeted and accountable to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

20,000 drivers

Since 2017 we have paid out $300,000+ to around 20,000 driver ambassadors across Australia which ensures we have a sustainable partnership between our advertisers and our drivers.

14,106,595 paid kms

Our drivers have driven 14,106,595 paid campaign kilometres and counting across every state on behalf of our advertisers. That amounts to 152 times around the world with visible advertising of your product or service.

Why us?

Ads On Wheels is an exciting new concept for transit advertising across Australia.

This unique form of advertising creates a new way for brands to cut through the advertising clutter by targeting geographical locations and demographics with the added bonus of word of mouth support from our driver ambassadors.

We identified a win-win situation for both brands and drivers that takes outdoor media and multiplies its message to motorists, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclist, friends, families and colleagues.

Brands will be able to see their message multiplied throughout the community at a rate far less than the cost of other outdoor media services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose who I advertise for?
Yes - you are in control who you advertise for.
Do you operate around Australia?
Ads On Wheels launches campaigns all around Australia, we have drivers in every state.
How does Ads On Wheels work for drivers?
Ads On Wheels has been built from the ground up to provide you with additional income by linking you with business owners who want to advertise in your area. Ads on Wheels focus is to pay you for the driving you are already doing in your local community so you don't have to change your driving habits to participate.   It's nice and simple, to get started you need to download the Ads on Wheels app which can be found on our driver page and start your trial drive. The trial drive enables us to determine where you drive on your normal daily driving route and allows us to match you with paid campaigns that match your driving habits.
How does the install work?
Ads On Wheels has an installer network across Australia. Once we match you with an advertiser we will find you an install location that is nice and close to your home - installs take around 45-60 minutes depending on what wrap type the campaign is.
How much can drivers earn?
$200-$2,100 per campaign. This depends on campaign format and length. Campaigns range from 6 weeks to 26 weeks.
What is the driver safety?
Ads On Wheels monitors your driving safety while you are on a campaign to make sure you meet our safe driving criteria for a live campaign.
What sort of vehicles do the drivers have?
We range from SUV's, sedans, hatchback's, wagon's and ute's. Each vehicle that comes onto the platform goes through a strict verification process to make sure it meets our criteria.
Who are the drivers?
With over 20,000 drivers on the platform we have a range of different drivers. These vary between your; ride share, delivery, sales, school mums and everyday driving type of drivers.
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