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The objective for Christian Porter MP was to flood the streets of the electorate area of Pearce displaying two messages.

Ads on Wheels split the 50 drivers into two lots of 25 in the two areas with heavy population and traffic within the Pearce electorate. With the two messages linked to Mitchell Freeway extension and the Ellenbrook Rail, Ads on Wheels chose the drivers spending the most time in traffic between Alkimos and Perth on the Mitchell Freeway and in Ellenbrook and surrounding suburbs.


The response from the campaign was incredible.

Mid way through the campaign, the Christian Porter MP office were so happy that they requested a further 70 vehicles to add on top of the current campaign. As we were preparing the campaign to expand to 120 vehicles, the funds were unfortunately allocated to non marketing avenues. There was many speculations on seat for the Pearce electorate as prior to the election it was expected that the seat was 50/50 on who would win. Christian Porter MP used multiple forms of advertising and after successful campaign, won the seat by a large margin. We were happy to be involved in this successful campaign.

“Ads on Wheels split the 50 drivers into two lots of 25 in the two areas with heavy population and traffic within the Pearce electorate.”


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35 Cars

Auto Masters


With over 40 shops across the Perth Metro, Auto Masters where after a marketing strategy that would dominate the streets in the metro area.


Ads On Wheels wrapped 35 cars in a couple of days and hit the road with over 200% of guaranteed kilometres. This resulted in Auto masters extending their campaign.

50 Cars

Road Safety Commission


The objective for the WA Road Safety commission was a simple one which made it easy to execute to maximum potential. The goal was to inform the public of the current road safety message that the WA Road Safety Commission was campaigning. This Ads on Wheels campaign ran along side other advertising mediums such as billboards and bus backs, to help flood the streets. With this campaign, Ads on Wheels chose the drivers that were doing the most kilometres in the Perth Metropolitan as it wasn’t area specific.


The campaign had a target of 50,000kms to be covered at at the end of the month the Ads on Wheels drivers covered almost double the target; 93,619kms in just 1 month to be exact. The drivers were selected to target all of the main roads throughout the Perth metropolitan and peak hour driving. The campaign was ran through the media agency Initiative and they were extremely happy with the response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid as a driver?
Once an active campaign starts you will receive your driver onboarding. Inside you will find a secured link to add your banking details so we can pay you each month. Please note, you do not get paid on your qualification drive.
Do I get paid the more I drive?
No - each driver is paid a fixed campaign rate. This rate will vary depending on campaign length and wrap type and ranges from $200 - $2,200 per campaign.
Is production & installation included?
All P&I cost are included in our prices. We also include the full creative process with our in house design team.
What is the minimum campaign length?
Ads On Wheels campaigns run between 6-26 weeks.
Test advertiser FAQ
This must be added before making the selection in the adveritser FAQ, you can think of this like a pool of FAQ's to choose from
What sort of vehicles do the drivers have?
We range from SUV's, sedans, hatchback's, wagon's and ute's. Each vehicle that comes onto the platform goes through a strict verification process to make sure it meets our criteria.
Who are the drivers?
With over 20,000 drivers on the platform we have a range of different drivers. These vary between your; ride share, delivery, sales, school mums and everyday driving type of drivers.
What is the driver safety?
Ads On Wheels monitors your driving safety while you are on a campaign to make sure you meet our safe driving criteria for a live campaign.
Can I choose who I advertise for?
Yes - you are in control who you advertise for.
How does the install work?
Ads On Wheels has an installer network across Australia. Once we match you with an advertiser we will find you an install location that is nice and close to your home - installs take around 45-60 minutes depending on what wrap type the campaign is.
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