Performance Driven Outdoor Media

Out of home advertising with 100% accountability

The Ads On Wheels dashboard

We support our clients with:

  • Heat Maps
  • Kilometres Driven
  • Live Reporting
  • Estimated Impressions

Intelligent App technology

GPS Data

We collect real GPS Data to ensure delivery of maximum reach and frequency in your nominated campaign zone

Tracked Performance

Our algorithm delivers an overall driver score across speeding, mobile phone use, harsh breaking & harsh acceleration with drivers required to meet a minimum score

In App Monitoring

Driver ambassadors are vetted through our in App monitoring system to eliminate unsafe drivers

Qualification Process

Driver ambassadors must complete a qualification period monitored by our intelligent App technology

How an Ads On Wheels campaign works

Select your campaign zone

You nominate where you want your campaign to be seen and our software will intelligently intercept the audience.

Customise your campaign

Choose your campaign length and vehicle quantity and we’ll do the rest.

Choose your wrap style

Select from our available formats, with all design, production and installation included.

Innovative software

Our software matches your campaign criteria with our Driver Ambassadors.

Drive with us! Earn up to $2100 per campaign!

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